Quickie Q700 M Electric Wheelchair
Quickie Q700 M Power Tilt Feature
Quickie Q700 M Seat Elevator
Quickie Q700 M Electric Wheelchair

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Quickie Q700 M

The Quickie Q700 M is a mid-wheel drive electric wheelchair that offers 6 mph max speed, 18 miles of range, and 3” curb climbing.

Also, the Quickie Q700 M comes with power tilt, seat elevator, power leg functions, and lights.

Brand: Sunrise Medical

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The Quickie Q700 M mid-wheel drive base sets the bar for electric wheelchair technology inside and out. Feel secure over challenging terrain with its independent movement of all six wheels and SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension, while travelling further with its superior drive performance. Here are its features:

  • Narrow 25” base and 23.5” turning radius that can turn on its axis for natural driving and maneuverability in tight, compact spaces
  • Low seat height of just 17" that allows rolling under tables and accessing wheelchair adaptive vehicles (WAVs) with ease
  • SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension technology for climbing obstacles of up to 3” and providing a smoother ride
  • Independent movement of six wheels on the front and rear allows for driving up and down steep obstacles
  • SureTrac® System option that automatically detects and corrects the slightest discrepancy from a user’s input direction

This electric wheelchair also has an HD option to increase user weight capacity to 450 lbs.


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