SpeediCath Compact Set for Male - DMR
SpeediCath Compact Set for Female - DMR
SpeediCath Compact Set for Male - DMR

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SpeediCath Compact Set

The SpeediCath Compact Set is available for both males and females that offers hydrophilic coating to ensure a convenient daily catheterization.

By law, this urological supply is dispensed by Rx only.

Brand: Coloplast

Shipping Information: 2-3 Business Days
Next-day shipping available by request


The SpeediCath Compact Set is an instantly ready-to-use, all-in-one catheter and bag solution. Its innovative award-winning design means the catheter can easily be kept in a pocket or handbag. Available in male and female versions. Here are its features:

  • A discreet, compact, all-in-one catheter and bag solution
  • Remove the catheter from the package and insert it without difficulties with the slippery pre-lubricated part of the catheter
  • Compact and easy-to-use


Sizes & Configurations
Part No. Information French Size
28422 Male, 13.2” 12
28422 Male, 13.2” 14
28422 Male, 13.2” 16
28422 Male, 13.2” 18
28520 Female, 3.5” 10
28522 Female, 3.5” 12
28524 Female, 3.5” 14


Due to the nature of the product, warranty is not supplied by the manufacturer.


As long as the individual packaging is not opened or damaged, returns are allowed via pick-up by courier.


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