A Guide to Quickie’s Electric Wheelchairs: Rear-Wheel Drive

Date:  Jun 10, 2021  |  Read Time: 3 min

There are a lot of options to choose from to get the best Quickie electric wheelchair that is rear-wheel drive. Thus, people might have a hard time choosing the best one. Having the best-suited one is vital because users need to achieve independent mobility, security, and comfortability.


This article will talk about Quickie’s rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs and some of their models. It will also help you choose the best rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair model for you by stating their features.


What Are Quickie Electric Wheelchairs?

Quickie electric wheelchairs are manufactured by Sunrise Medical, which offers seating and mobility solutions. This line of adult electric wheelchairs includes various drive bases, seating systems, and extensive control systems designed for users to achieve independent mobility inside and outside of homes.


Quickie’s Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchairs

Quickie rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs provide stability during outdoor travels, especially when driving over uneven terrain or climbing obstacles. They offer robust suspension systems, high acceleration speeds, and numerous drive control options.


  1. Q500 H

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    The Quickie Q500 H electric wheelchair is suitable for people who need a wheelchair with good outdoor performance and indoor maneuverability. Here are some of its features:

    • Hybrid Wheel Drive Base

      Quickie has improved technology through the unique blend of rear-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive technology. This hybrid base results in enhanced outdoor performance with indoor maneuverability and comfortability.

    • Stable Ride

      This electric wheelchair provides increased stability because of its fixed front casters, which help the wheelchair not to fall forward. Its dynamic suspension system and active anti-tips ensure that the drive wheels and casters remain in touch with the ground.

    • Increased Maneuverability

      Its drive wheel position guarantees a smaller turning radius for improved indoor maneuverability without compromising stability and outdoor performance.

    • Exceptional Comfort

      This Q500 H actively absorbs impacts over thresholds and uneven terrain through its dynamic suspension system to improve ride comfort & seat stability, reduce fatigue, and extend users’ sitting time.

    • Performance

      Its large front casters allow improved ability to climb obstacles and absorb more impact, offering both performance and a more even ride.


  2. S-6 Series

    Quickie S-6 Electric Wheelchair - DMR

    Sunrise Medical

    The Quickie S-6 Series electric wheelchairs are built for people who are seriously active outdoors. Check some of its features here:

    • Hybrid Base

      These Quickie S-6 Series have a hybrid wheel drive base from the mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive that combines tight turning radius, maneuverability, and all-terrain performance.

    • Dynamic Suspension

      All six wheels work independently for good traction and grip so that when a user drives through uneven terrain, like snow or steep hill climbs, it gives a smoother ride.

    • Easy battery access

      Its battery compartment is easily accessible so users can stay seated during replacement or service.

    • Power Tilt and Recline

      This electric wheelchair provides a wide range of power seating options such as power tilt, power recline with shear reduction, and power elevating leg rests on meeting positioning needs.


  3. P-222 SE

    Quickie P-222 SE Electric Wheelchair - DMR

    Sunrise Medical


    The Quickie P-222 SE electric wheelchair is best for those who want a faster ride. Here are some of its qualities:

    • Fast and Maneuverable Base

      This electric wheelchair has PosiDrive™ drivetrain technology, an 8.5mph motor, and a 26″ turning radius for faster speed and better performance.

    • Manual Conversion Kit

      Its power base can be easily transferred to a set of 24″ manual wheels if the user feels that its electric wheelchair base is not doing well enough at times.



To summarize, Quickie rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs offer stability during outdoor travels, a comfortable ride, high acceleration speeds, and more. Through the performance and features of these Quickie electric wheelchairs, outgoing users can better enjoy their trips and travels. We hope you were able to find the best Quickie rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair for you, so you are one step closer to achieving independent mobility.


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